[Day 5] The Most Important Facebook Page Factor?


Andy here again and I hope you’re enjoying the “Optimizing your business’ Facebook Page” course. Today we’re covering the Final Lesson in this thing I call the “Facebook Page Cheatsheet”. This may be the most important Pillar of ranking higher on Facebook.

Just to recap:
So far, I’ve  walked you through why your business would want to “optimize your Facebook Page” in the first place (Lesson 1), the first 3 Pillars of getting your page to Rank Higher on Facebook in your Niche (Lesson 2), and some more advanced techniques in Pillars 4-6 (Lesson 3), and what I call the “content tweaks” in Pillar 7-9 (Lesson 4).


Today’s Lesson:

Today, we’re the final (and possibly most important) pillar in getting an advantage over your competitors on Facebook.

Let’s Dive In:

Facebook Optimization Pillar #10
Encourage Customer Reviews (And Respond!)

For businesses that have an established business with loyal, happy customers, reviews are a powerful way to improve their ranking in Facebook searches and Google.

You should also respond with gratitude to all positive feedback, and genuine concern for negative ones. The power of handling them delicately cannot be understated. Entire businesses can be shut down and lose all their customers if users jump on the “negative review bandwagon”.


Make sure you respond to reviews positively in all cases. They are vital to your Facebook page.

That’s it.
All you need to dominate your competitors on Facebook is to take action and make the tweaks that we’ve covered over the last 5 days.


Need Help?
If you need help implementing the things we’ve taught inside the “Facebook Page Cheatsheet”, feel free to dial me at my office at 0487 530 141. I’m here to help you with anything you need or even chat about doing it for you.


To Close:
I hope you’ve enjoyed the course and that you take action on it. This has changed thousands of businesses in the last few years and I want to see it happen for you too.


I Have One Small Request:
When you put this into action for your business and get results, shoot me a call or send me an email and let me know your results. I love helping businesses grow using the internet and it would absolutely make my day to add your success story to the “wall of fame” in our office.

It was my pleasure teaching you this stuff,
Thanks again for taking the course.

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