Four Key Services For All Local Business

1. Social Media & Facebook Ads:-

Did you know that a major factor Google looks for when putting your business at the top of their search pages, is your ‘Social Media’ strength? Do you have a Fan Page on FaceBook? A Twitter profile?

Let us set you up in the best way and add the right sort of content to get your customers engaged. You can run amazingly well targeted ads to your ideal local prospects using FaceBooks sponsored ads platform too…

Targeted FaceBook ads are one of the fastest ways to get business happening for you!

2. Google Places:-

The most noticeable element by far on page 1 of Google, for a ‘Local Business’ search is the ‘Places’ (Google Local) section. These are placed right at the top and to the right hand side of the page.

Google is very particular when it comes to details, for great rankings in the maps listing section every detail about your business needs to be consistently the same everywhere it is documented on the web; Your website, Google business (Google +) profile and any citations (your business name, address and phone number) on any online business directories must have the same info exactly for your Maps listing to rank highly.

Our proprietary software scans the web for errors in business listings and reports back so we can correct these and restore rankings for businesses.

3. Website Rank/SEO:-

After the Google Local results comes your actual website listings, our SEO service will give you a certain boost for your desired search terms (keywords), so you are right where your customers are searching! You will see a boost in your Google Local ranking too as an added bonus, when you take us on for a ‘Ranking Campaign’…
Let us work consistently for you, you will see a really good boost and an increase in leads for your business over time.

4. Mobile & Security:-

Finally, to tie all the above together, as well as keeping the Google machine happy you absolutely must have a mobile optimised version of your website, also in recent updates Google is favoring ‘https’ secure domains.
We can ensure your online properties are active, backed up, protected and always available to those searching for your products and services…

We can provide you with all this, plus any pieces that are missing in between for as little as $799 a month
When you consider the value of new customers, plus re-igniting existing and past customers then the monthly fee becomes a very well spent investment in your business. Click the button below to go to the contact page and start a discussion for your business marketing online!

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