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Google Caffeine Impacts Local Business

As a Local Business SEO consultant it was exciting to herald the dawn of a new era with the major ‘Caffeine’ update Google announced in June.

So what does this mean for local business website owners and SEO consultants?

The whole focus has shifted now to ‘Instant Search’ and sites or pages that update regularly with fresh news and content. Consequently a site that is neglected by it’s owner will quickly get pushed down the search results in favor of blogs, news sites and other websites that pay attention to and embrace the new algorithm. Googles mantra has always been to provide the best user experience for it’s searchers and this is the next phase in ensuring low quality, poor ‘user experience’ web pages don’t feature highly in their results…

Now more than ever before local business owners need to pay extra attention to their website and Google Places listings, there is tremendous opportunity here for those of us who will take the time to stay on top of our SEO and website optimization.

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