Local Business ChatBot

Heres what you need to make your bot:

1. A Facebook Ads account, preferably ‘Business Manager’ – To run your ads.
2. A Fanpage for your business or a good personal profile for your industry.
3. A ‘Many Chat’ Pro level account – To make the bot.
4. A great offer to wow your potential new clients…

Facebook Ads account.

You can set up your own or simply let us handle it through our existing business manager account. We just need access to your FanPage or Profile that you wish to run ads on behalf of… HINT: Personal profiles convert better for ads.

Facebook FanPage or Personal Profile.

This is where people will see that the FaceBook ad is on behalf of. It’s important you have an active and up to date Fanpage and profile since people are bound to check you out! HINT: We can help with content posting and other aspects of your fanpage. For a FREE mini course simply send a text message with the word SHEET to 0488 811 270

Many Chat ‘Pro Level’.

This is the amazing secret! This website is incredible and is the key to creating chat bots like the one I have just taken you through… HINT: There’s some amazing stuff you can do with this, not only for the Ad that you clicked, call me to find out more!

A Great ‘Wow’ Offer!

Now this one is on you… Come up with a Jaw dropping, ‘Wow I gotta get this’ offer and you will have more new customers than you can handle, get ready to open up a new location! HINT: Combine this with a loyalty/VIP club and you will really be firing on all cylinders… Oh did I mention we can set you up an amazing SMS based club?! Text VIP to 0488 811 270 for a full demo.

We can do all of this for you.

I know your busy running your business, why not let me handle the setup and running of your amazing ChatBot. Don’t delay, Call me today and I can give you all the details!

0487 530 141