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At Brisbane Web Marketing we specialize in key areas of online marketing for small to medium business owners.

    • Monthly Marketing Plans – Our priority is getting you more leads for your business, greater return for your investment in our websites and other services and generally ensuring your ‘Online Marketing’ experience is a productive and profitable one.
      With that in mind the core of our services revolves around consistent activity with and expansion of your various websites and other online properties (Google Places Account, Twitter and Facebook to name a few).
      A monthly marketing plan is vital in this modern marketing environment where regular interaction and effort are what consumers and the search engines are looking for to keep you on top. We take the hassle away so you can get on with running your business 
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    • Small Business Google Optimized Websites – If your site isn’t on page 1 then there really isn’t much point in paying for the yearly registration and hosting! Once we get you there you must keep the pressure on Google, Yahoo and Bing to give you that no 1 spot. Did you know the top organic listing receives 40% – 44% of the views and clicks? At Brisbane Web Marketing we specialize in building and ranking websites . We will research your top 2-3 keyword phrases for your local market, register a great domain name and tailor your website and linking campaign to focus on those to give you a lift to the front page of the ‘big 3’ search engines.
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    • Modern, Mobile Optimized Websites – With a significant amount of search, particularly for business, now being conducted with ‘Smart Phones’ and other internet capable mobile phones, every business must provide the searcher with a great experience when they click the link to your website. By all means try your current site on a mobile phone or an online emulator and see if you don’t want us to build you a mobile optimized website for your company! You will be losing valuable business I can assure you if you haven’t ‘mobilized’ yet… Check out our Mobile Optimized Websites << Click! 
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    • Google Local Business ‘Places’ Listings – Properly implemented, combined with carefully crafted directory submissions plus some other ‘special sauce’ these are a powerful way to get all the customers you could ever want. With our expert techniques your listing won’t go to waste like so many others (there’s only 7-10 folks on the top spot so you want to make sure you are one of them!) 
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    • Custom ‘Apps’ For Your Business – The ‘hottest’ property you can get your hands on without a doubt! Imagine being right there on your customers’ mobile phone, 24/7 – iPhone and Android (Google) are the giants of the ‘Smart Phone’ marketplace, we can build an app for your business that is compatible with both platforms and gets you a 90% share of the total market, we can even cater for Blackberry and Windows phone too if you want all your bases covered. You will have the ability to send ‘Push Messages’ (ever had a message just ‘appear’ on your mobile after installing a game or other app? Well that is an amazing way to notify customers of your promotions and events) – Warning: There is marketing involved to get people downloading and installing your app, but the returns are well worth your time and effort, youre marketing your business already anyhow right?! Just add a QR code to everything and your good to go… 
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    • Online reputation Management – Getting a bad review can really harm your business. We have strategies to help you conquer this problem, remove negatives from the spotlight and make sure it doesn’t affect your business in the future. All this can be done easily with a few simple strategies we help you to implement. We put measures in place to track your business online, so any ‘mentions’ or activity on Google will trigger alerts we can monitor.
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    • Video and Social Media Campaign Creation – Using our vast library of video templates, skillful production and your personal footage and clips we can launch highly effective video campaigns across a wealth of popular web sites (YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe to name but a few) to massively increase your brand profile and customer awareness. Very effective for local business too!
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Other Services Available:-

  • Lead Capture – ‘Squeeze Page’ creation combined with ‘Autoresponder’ mailing setup – Contact your faithful customers regularly with discounts and specials for a flood of business and income!
  • High quality, customised Video campaigns for YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe and other top video sharing sites. You will be amazed how cost effective this can be for getting customers to your business.


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