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Brisbane Web Marketing has gone mobile!

Earlier last year it became evident, in order to remain at the cutting edge of Search Engine Management and Local Business Online Marketing, we would need to start including a mobile optimised website for our clients.

These examples are obviously best viewed with a smart phone, screen shots are included for those of you who don’t yet own such a device! Alternatively you can type in the mobile website url here:Emulator.mtld.mobi for a simulation of several leading smart phones.

Brisbane Web Marketing Mobile Optimized Website


With the advances in web browser and mobile phone technology, a properly set up, mobile optimized website on your main domain will be automatically detected and loaded by most smart phones, rather than your potential client seeing an awful mess as the phone attempts to display your full website!

For a fully customized, SEO optimized mobile website, ready to attract your customers as they search on their iPhones and other Smart Phone devices how much would you expect to pay? $1500, $997, $797 or similar?

Right now we can do a mobile optimised website, reflecting your main site and company branding (you don’t even need a website if you haven’t taken that step yet) for only $490 (plus a $19.97 monthly fee for hosting of the site, includes a wealth of extras to keep the site at the front of the search and your business easily contactable by clients)

What you get:

  • Mobile Pages (3 or 4 up to a max of 10 usually does the trick)
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Google Maps
  • Click-To-Call
  • SMS (Text offers to your mobile customers)


Mobile Optimized Websites created by Brisbane Web Marketing:


Make sure you pay a visit to our Local Business Clients Success Page!
And see for yourself the great results we get on Google…

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