[Day 3] Advanced Facebook Page Tricks


Andy here again and I hope you’re enjoying the “optimizing your business’ Facebook Page” course. Today we’re covering Lesson #3 of 5 in this thing I call the “Facebook Page Cheatsheet”. Hundreds of small businesses owners have changed their entire business when they started using this… and you can too.

Just to recap:
So far, I’ve walked you through why your business would want to “optimize your Facebook Page” in the first place (Lesson 1), and the first 3 Pillars of getting your page to Rank Higher on Facebook in your Niche (Lesson 2) .

Today’s Lesson:

We’re going to walk through the next 3 things (Pillar 4-6) that you must do to optimize your Facebook page to play nicely with Facebook’s algorithm and set your page up to rank higher.

Let’s Dive In:

Facebook Optimization Pillar #4

Make Sure the Page’s Contact Info Matches your “Google My Business” Listing
Not only is this important for ease of access finding the business on the user side, making sure ALL related business pages on social platforms have identically matching information, will help strengthen your ranking on Google as well. (If your business does not have a “Google My Business” listing, get one ASAP.)

Facebook Optimization Pillar #5

Use Carefully Selected “Keywords ” in the Page Description

Think of the “About” and “Description” section of the page as the meta description on a website. Decide on the most commonly searched terms used by your target audience when searching for someone who provides your type of business or service. Some common choices include: town/city name, business type (ex: real estate agent, dentist, chiropractor, eye doctor, etc.) Try to keep it short, but specific. Using these terms in posts will also reinforce search visibility.

Facebook Optimization Pillar #6
Verify Your Facebook Page with Facebook when Possible

While verifying a Facebook page is a little more involved than the rest of the steps, it goes a long way in establishing credibility and authority with users and Facebook themselves.

This is especially valuable if:

– the business is a franchise or has multiple locations

– the business name is similar to several others on FB or nearby

– the business page has a large number of followers

Learn how verify a Facebook Page Here

That’s it.
Go make sure that those 3 pillars are taken care of on your business’ page now. Tomorrow I’ll be showing you Pillars 7, 8, and 9. These are even more advanced, but will help you really dominate your competitors when you take care of them.

I’ll see you tomorrow for those tips,

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